Sunday, February 18, 2007

I want to talk about learning

Recently Marcia from the Ageless Learner Blog quoted me from one of my first blog articles titled, "Talk to Me - I am the User."

The Ageless Bricoleur is the web log for the Ageless Learner crew.

Excerpts from the blog:

By the way...Rahul Prabhakar uses Rogers' quotation to open an article on his frustration with technical writing and documentation. Although off the topic of experiential learning, I found this article when I searched for other people who enjoyed the quotation and I was impressed enough with Rahul's article to introduce it here.

He writes the article as an open letter to technical writers, "There is something I must tell you upfront, lest you continue to commit the same old mistakes again and again. I am the intended recipient of your work...if I do not understand or like what you convey, I tend to feel lost, grumpy, confused, and sometimes even angry...So before I proceed, I would like you to answer these two questions for me: What makes you think I would be interested to read everything from you? Are you completely sure you know me well?" Enjoy.


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  2. Hi Rahul,

    I came across your blog from a technical writer group on yahoo that one of my team member (a TW) forwarded. I am a learning professional and do blog infrequently. But my blog has links to some interesting learning resources if you're interested to read.

    Here it goes

    I'm glad to know how actively you blog and thats a requirement from most of the fraternity as a means to actively learn from the community.

    Thats great and keep going!